Top Songs of 2023 So Far - Greatest Hits 2023 Playlist (Most Popular Mashup Songs 2023-2024)

Are you ready for a music playlist that will blow your mind? Featuring an incredible lineup of today's hottest artists, you won't be able to resist dancing along to the beats. From SHAKIRA's signature Latin pop to Miley Cyrus's powerful vocals, this playlist has it all. K-pop sensation BTS brings their catchy hooks and impressive dance moves to the playlist, while BLACKPINK's high-energy performances will leave you breathless. Get ready to rap along to The Kid LAROI's hits and swoon over Justin Bieber's smooth voice. Glass Animals will transport you to another world with their dreamy indie rock sound, and Ed Sheeran's catchy melodies will have you humming along for days. Plus, you won't want to miss rising stars like Bella Poarch and Olivia Rodrigo, who are taking the music world by storm. This playlist is perfect for everything from workouts to dance parties to road trips. Don't miss out on the biggest songs of 2023 from the biggest names in music!

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Last year, the playlist was titled: Top Songs of 2022 So Far - Greatest Hits 2022 Playlist (Most Popular Mashup Songs 2022-2023)

In the next year, the playlist is going to be titled: Top Songs of 2024 So Far - Greatest Hits 2024 Playlist (Most Popular Mashup Songs 2024-2025)